Suspension is an immersive point-and-click puzzle game with a difference to others you can find on the internet: it's made entirely out of LEGO®. But don't think it's for kids, because it's not. Suspension transports you into the detailed city of Lørske. Awakening from a mysterious scientific research centre and escaping to the city, you soon realise that there is a lot more to it than simply an earthquake...

At the moment Suspension is only a concept. To demonstrate to myself and to you all what the game would be like and some of its features and formats, I've created a demo, a small-scale version of the opening of the game. I'll receive feedback about the demo and if there's enough interest in a full game (still free to play on the internet), I'll make it. The complete game would be in three parts - 'Suspension', 'Floatation' and 'Retribution', each about five times as long as the demo.

The demo was made in Flash CS4 and coded in Actionscript 2 (poorly). It's meant to be short, as it's simply a test of this format of game. LEGO and the LEGO brick are a trademark of the LEGO Group, the credits song © David Bowie and whoever owns his music nowadays (I do not own the rights to this music etc), and some sound effects were found across the internet. Everything else in the game (graphics, text, sound, code, photos, textures) was made by me.

- Now that the demo has been released I've started working on the full version of the game. It will certainly take at least a year to complete but in a few weeks I will ask for applicants to take part in beta testing the game and parts of it. Keep your eyes peeled for that sign-up page or apply now by emailing me.

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